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Top 7 best courier services in india

courier services in india
courier services in India

in this article, I will tell you the Top 5 Cheap International best courier services in India and which is best for you.

Several eCommerce delivery services and logistics providers have seen a rise in their reach as India emerges as a leading country in the online selling sector.

Every owner of an online store must make sure that their orders are delivered promptly and in good shape. Additionally, they must make sure that their transportation costs are not significantly reducing their profit margins.

To meet their delivery dates, eCommerce companies are constantly searching for skilled and reasonably priced shipping providers. It can be challenging to find an eCommerce delivery service with a high success rate and reasonable pricing.

7 Best fast courier services in India

1. Shiprocket

This is the place to come if you’re searching for a quick delivery service. India’s top courier services platform is called Shiprocket. The majority of the names on this list are among our platform’s 14+ courier partners.

You can ship with Shiprocket to more than 29000 pin codes and give your customers a wonderful delivery experience with COD and prepaid payment options.

Along with this, you also receive a number of additional advantages, like a post-order tracking page, an automated NDR panel, and more. You may easily ship to every household in the nation for prices starting at Rs. 20/500g.

Shiprocket provides

  • Express delivery and pick-up
  • Backward shipping
  • Order management for returns
  • bulk transport
  • eCommerce execution
  • packaging alternatives

2. “Blue Dart” famous courier services in India

Blue Dart, one of the top businesses in South Asia, offers services to over 17,677 Indian pin codes and roughly 220 other countries.

It is among the top 10 courier services in India and has its corporate headquarters in Chennai. With Blue Dart, deliveries are made more quickly and there are no additional fees.

Their pricing is entirely weight-based, and you may use their price finder feature to estimate your logistical costs. Regarding delivery, they are utterly reliable and efficient.

In order to avoid any confusion or errors, Blue Dart’s best courier services in India are time-bound and they always keep regulatory permissions.

Their domestic network is extensive, and they operate about six of their own planes to transport freight to various locations in India.

Anywhere in India and the rest of the world, you can ship your goods using Blue Dart. Six Boeing 757 are currently part of Blue Dart Aviation’s fleet, which offers a network payload of 504 tonnes across 74 route connections each night.

key element

  • service for logistics based on technology
  • fulfillment facility that is open.
  • Both domestic and international shipping can use airfreight.

3. Delhivery

At the moment, Delhivery is a national leader in the logistics industry. The company provides a comprehensive range of courier services in India, including last-mile delivery, third-party and transit warehousing, reverse logistics, payment collection, vendor-to-warehouse shipping, vendor-to-customer shipping, and more.

As of 2021, there are around 85 fulfillment facilities, 24 automated sort centers, 70 hubs, 7,500+ partner centers, and 3,000+ direct delivery centers for the business.

Its sales to e-commerce businesses that use third-party logistics and delivery services account for about two-thirds of its total earnings.

When a package is delivered by Delhivery, it is never lost or stolen. To ensure complete visibility, all of our packages are tracked in real-time, frequently using GPS devices. We are able to track every package to its precise position precisely in the event of any concerns.

4. The DTDC Express Ltd.

The Desk to Desk Courier & Cargo is how DTDC is officially referred to. Indian courier company DTDC Express Limited is based in Bangalore, Karnataka.

In 1990, DTDC Express Ltd. was founded. Its main office is in Bangalore. With its multiple offices, it operates all over India.

Through its own operations, joint ventures, and commercial partners, the company also has a substantial global footprint and services 240 foreign sites, including those in the USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Hong Kong, Australia, China, and all Asian nations.

In India, it is among the top 10 fast online courier services in India. Through its extensive network of more than 10500 franchisees, DTDC Express is present in more than 500 district headquarters.

Founded on July 26, 1990, Dtdc Express Limited is an unlisted public corporation. It is based in Bangalore, Karnataka, and is categorized as a public limited corporation.

Its entire paid-up capital is INR 28.64 billion, and its authorized share capital is INR 40.00 billion.

DTDC courier often delivers your package in 2 to 7 days, providing e-commerce enterprises with the best possible service.

With DTDC courier, which accepts more than 11 million courier delivery orders each month, many e-commerce companies now have an effective supply chain.

5. DotZot

Every day, clients successfully receive a variety of eCommerce packages thanks to DTDC’s dedicated DotZot service.

The business is aware that you want to lower your parcel delivery costs as an eCommerce business.

Your clients want their orders to be delivered fast to their doors in the meanwhile. In order to give you the cheapest yet quickest delivery online, DTDC’s DotZot fills the gap between your need and the demands of the customer. You can use DotZot to get your packages delivered the following day in all major cities.

DotZot provides:

  • Express delivery service,
  • Fast pickup

6. Express Ecom

Despite being a relatively young fast courier business in India, Ecom Express has already built a solid reputation for its efficient and cost-effective services.

It is a full-service logistics company that offers options for express delivery over the entire nation.

Ecom Express is a well-liked option for e-commerce businesses that handle high-value items like jewelry and provide additional safety throughout storage and transit.

Ecom Express covers over 27000 pin codes in India. In addition to these services, Ecom Rapid also provides doorstep quality checks (QC) on returned items, express delivery, and a 3-day completion guarantee for all deliveries.

Even though Ecom Express is a relatively new courier service in India, it has managed to build a solid reputation because of its quick turnaround times and affordable prices.

It provides nationwide express delivery alternatives and is an end-to-end logistics solution.

Ecom Express has been effectively sending packages for online retailers while offering clients an unmatched degree of satisfaction. Ecom Express provides express nationwide delivery and Purchase option with a pickup facility

7. FedEx

Particularly for eCommerce items, FedEx’s shipping technique is substantially less difficult and hassle-free.

The company keeps its legendary reputation by helping eCommerce sellers transport their goods at the most affordable prices.

Being able to transport a wide range of goods, including heavy objects, fragile goods, expensive goods, and potentially dangerous goods, makes it one of the best courier services in India for eCommerce companies.

In addition to COD services, FedEx provides quick shipping options that can be used to increase customer satisfaction and speed up product delivery.

Particularly when it comes to eCommerce shipments, FedEx’s shipping process is much less difficult and complicated thanks to their new partnership with Delhivery.

The business upholds its well-known name and assists eCommerce retailers in shipping their packages at the most affordable prices.

For greater customer satisfaction and quicker product delivery, FedEx offers expedited shipping options in addition to COD services. FedEx provides an Express delivery service with fast pickup.


In India, how many online courier services are there in India? We don’t know the actual figure, but we can say that if you start comparing everything, you’ll feel lost and bewildered.

You focused your search on these top 10 courier services in India because they are the best in the business and offer the greatest logistics solutions.

Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment box below if you have used the services of any of these courier businesses. Assist someone in making the appropriate decision and expanding their business.

We’ve discussed the top courier companies in India that you can work with to make sure that your clients’ orders are delivered on time and to the right location.

They all have extensive experience in logistics, a loyal clientele, and a solid reputation for offering top-notch courier services across India. To meet their customers’ deadlines, hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses have turned to these courier service providers.

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