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google camera apk download the latest version v8.4.60

About Google camera apk download version v8.4.60

App Name Google Camera Latest Version
Last UpdateJuly 14, 2022
Publisher     Google LLC.
Requirements   Android 5.1
Size      101 MB
Download google camera apk download

Google keeps releasing great apps to invite their challengers. One such app that recently came out is the Google Camera app. in this article I will tell you how to google camera apk download. This app was recently released and comes pre-installed on the back of Nexus Bias. If your phone supports Android 10, you can get it.

google camera apk download 
google camera apk download 

This app comes with five camera modes. These include panorama mode, photosphere mode, normal camera mode, video mode, and rear-most lens blur mode. Medications can change the google camera mode at any time by swiping from anywhere to the right and the mode will swipe from the left. Do you want to see the footprints you’ve taken? Simply swipe your cheat sheet to the left and your most recent print will open.

As you zoom in and out with the pinch, you’ll see two little bars showing you how far the camera has zoomed in. You’ll find an icon at the bottom of the screen to add flash, and exposure, change the front-facing camera, and three by three grid settings.

Feature of google camera apk download


The portrayal creates a burl effect in the background and it enhanced the beauty of the image. currently, nearly every print has a portrayal point and lots of phones have specific camera lenses to produce a blur effect. Google Camera APK also has this point and if your smartphone doesn’t come with portrayal features also you can use it with GCam APK because it uses AI- grounded technology to descry the height, length, and viscosity between subject and background and also produce blur goods.

Night Mode

Mobile cameras are perfecting day by day but whenever you click prints in dark conditions also no matter how good your smartphone camera is, it’ll click bad-quality prints. Although the camera tackle is able to click much better prints the dark situation doesn’t allow it to take good prints so it’s all the game of light and that’s why in the Google camera, there’s a software-grounded functionality that creates artificial light to the camera and it also increased the shutter time so that camera can capture as important light as possible and take good high- quality filmland.

HDR Enhanced

High dynamic range( HDR) is one of the most popular software-grounded technology that’s used to take better filmland. Lots of the rearmost smartphones have a bus HDR point that automatically detects when HDR is demanded or not. HDR is substantially used in these situations like backlight, direct sun effect, portrayal in front of the sun, filmland of the sky, Landscape, and more.

Simple UI

The stoner interface of google camera is veritably good and better than the utmost of the smartphone’s-installed or default camera apps because it has no bugs or lags and it’s also veritably simple & easy to use. All the modes are given one section so you don’t find any model you want. The shutter speed is also veritably good and there’s no pause in the camera shutter. It also comes without announcements.

Videotape Stabilization

If you’re rephotographing a videotape and you move the camera with latitude also obviously the camera will retake shaking footage indeed if your bias supports the electronic image stabilization( EIS) because the EIS reduces the footage quality and also doesn’t stabilize the videotape well. So, the google camera has a specific option for videotape stabilization to make a videotape stable in any situation.

Smart burst

Shoot the starburst picture just by holding the shutter button and clicking and landing up to 10 prints every alternate and the AI functionality will descry the stylish print and punctuate it so that you can find the perfect image with ease. You can produce lots of creative work with this point like you can induce moving gifs images and collage images right down.

More Features google camera apk download

  • HDR with Exposure and White Balance Controls- Take filmland using HDR to capture fantastic prints, especially in low-light or backlit scenes.
  • Top Shot- Pick the stylish moment with Top Shot. It automatically recommends stylish snaps, where no one is blinking and everything looks just right.
  • Night Sight- You’ll noway want to use your flash again. Night Sight brings out all the details and colors that get lost in the dark. You can indeed take prints of the Milky Way!
  • Super Res Zoom- Super Res drone makes your filmland sharper when you zoom heft.
  • Motion Mode- Capture life in stir. Take professional quality Long Exposure and Action Pan prints.
  • Long Shot- Take casual, quick vids by simply long- pressing the shutter key in the dereliction camera mode.

Conditions- The rearmost interpretation of Google Camera only works on Pixel phones running Android 12 and over. The rearmost interpretation of Google Camera for Wear zilches only works on Wear zilches2.0 bias connected to Pixel phones. Some features aren’t available on all biases.


To score Google Camera, I give it 9/10. Because for me, the ideal camera is the bone that can always follow me, of course, it’s the phone. Now with Google Camera, that normal camera has converted into a true semi-professional camera that’s enough to let me live in a debonair virtual life and record every moment of everyday life in the most accessible and aesthetic way. Actually, it’s further than enough for me.

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